Thursday, 2 June 2011

Colchester Farmers Market

Unfortunately we will not be at Colchester Farmers Market tomorrow 3rd June,  this is not due to any fault of our own. 


We would like to apologise to our customers, that we can not be there this month, but En-Form (the local funded organisation that runs the Colchester Farmers Market) have asked us not to attend tomorrow.

The market is being held in Culver square and they told us that they have run out of space.

So you will be able to get your vegetables and meat at the market, but will have to trundle down to your super market and buy a detergent based soap, containing multiple chemicals, which has travelled miles, because they do not regard soap in the same category as the other stall holders' products.

I would have thought that soap (hygiene, washing your hands) is very much a complementary product with food.

You can contact en-form (Rowly Castiglione) via email or by phone on 01206 367776

New Hemp Bar - Quinti Scential, inspired by Katherin

Here is an image of our new Hemp Bar fresh out of the mold.

It it contains hemp oil instead of Shea butter, and has three strong colours deep burgundy, alkanet indigo with touches of pure creamy white.

We went a bit wild with the fragrances and mixed the deep base tones of Patchouli and Clarey Sage which is countered with a zingy citrus Sweet Orange,  this was rounded off with touch of Lavender and a little Geranium rose. 5 Scents in all and one of our most complex in terms of fragrances, but they have been carefully chosen to compliment each other.

We call it Quiti Scential