About Us

A small Soap Maker producing handmade natural soap.
We are Christian and Anne.  Each of us is interested in plants and natural products, and we have a liking for things well-made and hand-made. We both live on the River Colne and the soap is made just a few yards from the river.

Our interest in the craft of soap-making started when we were thinking of things to make using lavender flowers from my small herb garden. Christian suggested soap.  The sight and scent of the first ever batch of lavender soap was enough to hook me completely. Christian’s obsession with soap followed soon, when he started his research into the science and art of soap making, as he developed our recipes.    

What are we about?
Our handmade soap is made from natural products and contains no artificial fragrances or colourings. We use only essential oils to scent our soap as well as botanicals such as lavender, rose petals and dried chamomile. Our red and pink soap is coloured using Rose Madder Root,  We like to keep things pure, simple and honest and many of our handmade soaps have a single scent – and after that first batch,  lavender will always be my favourite of these.  We sometimes combine a number of essential oils to fragrance some soaps, but usually no more than three at a time.

What are we selling
A handmade bar of soap with moisturising ingredients that are kind to your skin.  Pure and simple and honest. No parabens, SLS or artificial colour or fragrance. Our recipe has undergone a cosmetics safety assessment by a qualified chemist.

All our soaps contain Olive Oil as the largest single ingredient by weight. All our soaps contain Shea Butter and some are super-fatted with a little extra of this ingredient, to make them even more moisturising. All our scented soap is fragranced with Essential Oils.  We also make an uncoloured, unscented soap. Our handmade soap won’t change your life, but it will get you clean and that’s mostly a good thing.

We hope you will enjoy using it.

Anne Jones and  Christian Langlois BSc (Hons) Biological Sciences

Colne Soap Makers