Monday, 14 June 2010

Sunshine stencil

The long, light days are so good. The sudden, rapid growth of plants always surprises me. Yesterday I tied rows of string between two birch branches Christian had found for me to support bean plants. When I looked this evening, two of the plants had already reached the string and were curling up and around and above it. A bit of sun and rain today and away they went.

You can see Saturday's sunshine through our stencil

The rows of soap on the curing racks are moving gradually to the table where we've wrapped and labelled them. Over the weekend, Christian spent some very productive time working on our soap making identity - signs for when we sell direct, as at Rowhedge Regatta, and stencilling on the wooden boxes that we use for storage, transport and display. This involved spray paint as well as sunshine.
(and 50 soaps wrapped before the England game started). So we are pretty much ready for Regatta (including the gazebo)- and and and- Christian has taken with him to London a sample box of our soap.

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