Wednesday, 16 February 2011

How to make Lavender Soap - Colne Soap Makers

Make your Own Soap at Home

This is something we filmed over nine months ago, when we were developing our soap, it;'s been edited so it condenses "How to make Soap", in less than 10 minutes. For some reason I didn't release it at the time, and didn't even include a recipe, durh!

I just found it again, here it is, I will find a good starter recipe in the next couple of days, so you could make your own soap at home. I hope you find it interesting. It's a typical BBC Blue Peter, "How you could do it home with fruit juice moulds", but I hope you find it interesting. (BTW, We don't quite do it like this any more, and have purpose built moulds, but you'll get the gist).

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