Monday, 21 February 2011

Rosy Soap range

Rose Petal Top

Our Rose Soaps are some of the first soaps that we developed, however they have proved to be a very popular family of soaps, based on Rosy theme.

Geranium Rose is the base fragrancy, however our bars gain much of their appeal and aroma from the rose petals and buds which are incorporated.

Rosy Swirl

The gentle swirls of pink Rose Madder power gives a natural soft rose colour to the white of the natural soap. We roll the freshly made round bars in a bed of rose petals, to enhance the colours and fragrances.

These Rosy Swirls have just been cut and are now ready for decorating.
The round bars are also very popular with our retailers who have made gift sets and hampers included  our Rosy Swirls.

Rose Petal Top
Rose petals are pressed liberally onto the crisp white rose scented soap loaves after they have been removed from the mould, but before cutting into individual bars.

Cutting with the petals, produces random grooves on the surface of the cut as some petals are dragged down through the soap with the blade. This was unforeseen but quite attractive visually, making every bar slightly different. 

Rosebud Layer
Rose Buds are inserted into the top of the layered loaf, making delightful gifts.

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