Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Boxes for display and transport

My soap works today included: collecting wooden boxes for transporting and displaying our soap on the Regatta Stall (Rowhedge 3rd July, on the banks of the Colne); cutting out tiny soap stars and hearts from a little piece of Lavender batch 1001; admiring Batch 1008, made in the biggest wooden mould you could imagine; checking on the soap that is busy curing (and staying longer than I needed to, because it smells lovely)
Not many soap works today though as I was in Norfolk this afternoon. The Magpie on the A140 at Little Stonham has closed. I felt very sad about that as it was a nice place and a landmark because of the wooden bar over the road with magpies on it. There is a similar thing in Hertfordshire somewhere- Hare and Hounds, maybe near Buntingford or Sawbridgeworth, with the pub alongside the road and the bar crossing the road with the hare (or perhaps a fox) being chased across the bar way up in the air above you as you drive beneath. I wonder if that is still there?

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