Sunday, 30 May 2010

What's in my soap ?

I was chatting with Anne the other evening, the subject had moved on to me making some point about Dave's Soap. And how, in responding to a customers request we have managed to developed a useful product for others to enjoy as well. She turned round to me and said, "Yeah, you're right, it ain't what's in it that counts, it's what's not in-it, that's more important!" - Never a truer word spoken and this gave me part of the subject matter for this entry. The other half is embedded below.

I returned home this afternoon, to find my screen exactly as I had left it, You Tube flashing red in the top corner.

I must explain, that recently, I have been learning about how to make a liquid soap. and as part of that process, have spent, some, - no, a great deal of - time watching video's on You Tube.

Glancing down the suggestions, I came across "Making of Quality Liquid hand soap".

You may probably have realised by now, I'm a good sucker for a bit of You Tube watching, especially when I have at least 10,000 other things I "should be doing". Also, that Sunday afternoon feeling was creeping up fast, so I clicked on it and sat back.

As it whirled into gear, I glanced to the two attached comments. I imagined a guy in a beach shack somewhere in Calinfornia as he taps away at his iPad, the cool ocean breeze embraces the room and the sharp mid afternoon sun sends it's rays visible through reflections in the dust whipped into life by the wind. Grateful Dead murmurs quietly in the background on the docked player, he writes "to much chemicals man ".

The second, a piece of equally wry wit, "Hmmm, nice lot of ingredients".

Both made me smile, and as I watched I was remined of Anne's phrase,
It aint what's in it,
It's what's not in it,
that counts !
Now one quick point, before I leave you to watch.

We at Colne Soap Makers, do not make soap as shown in the video, we use natural products, and in good measures.

I think this video serves as a good reminder for myself, when I make liquid soap one day, it's going be like Dave's Soap and made with oils and lye, processed and dissolved in spring water.

I'll leave the video to speak for itself.

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