Friday, 28 May 2010

Rowhedge Regatta Sat 3rd July

We will be having a stall at the Rowhedge Regatta this year. Rowhedge is situated on the River Colne, in Essex.

We are both busy preparing for the event. I have been making new molds so we can bump up production.

Anne has applied for membership to GCSP (more in another blog) and don't forget making the soap! We made the last batch for Regatta last night (Orange and Geranium) which made the house smell pretty juicy.

When you don't think things through, it's too late when 8 lb of soap is reaching trace earlier than expected so a bit of improvisation was needed on the mixing front and a knife came in useful as a substitute for a spatula.

It's too early to pass judgment on this batch, so I am eagerly awaiting the de-mold tomorrow. Argghh, more stress, will I be able to get the soap out of the new mold.

We need to organise another table (the main one actually) a Gazebo since it might rain (not good for us soapers), and some display bowls. We have some things on order and had a semi trial a couple of evenings ago. I need to get everything ready by 12th June, since I will be in London for a few weeks and will not be around to help out.

Anne is part way through our labels and product information, so we can print our own labels with batch data.

I hope people enjoy our soap.

See you there.

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